Welcome To My Blog!

Hi you,

READ ON IF, you are interested in any of the following; Equality, Peace, Revolution, Feminism, supporting LGBT rights, fighting against Racism, Homophobia and injustice, unveiling the government, travelling, Animal Rights, literature, writing, music, tea and saving the world.

That’s all i can really think to say to start this off, because, well i’m not that great with the wording of well, my words.

There’s also a lot of pressure too I think. You want to write a blog you think. But everyone’s doing that these days. Everyone’s got an opinion and everyone wants to be heard.

Some people gain a knack for it. They earn money from it even! Have their face on TV if they really want to get into it.

But i’m not about that. I just really want a place to put my thoughts. I won’t lie to you though, I’d love to be able to write. Because like many other people out there, I feel it. I feel that need to make a difference. Not for the celebrity, or even the connection, but for the better of this place we live.

I’m quite hard on myself, which was also probably noted with the beginning of this post. Because I always feel I cannot write, or I have no means of making a difference.

And I’ve tried it. I’ve tried writing a book, writing songs, generally preaching to the ignorant, and trying to work for charities. But it always seems that it’s all already out there.

But in the same sense, I think I try too hard. I want to get my personality across beacuase I constantly feel misjudged. I want to get the importance of what i’m trying to say out in the right way so no one misses the point. And then comes the being hard on myself again, and it’s all; Why my voice? Would anyone even read it?

But then you kind of have to say, “Fuck you, subconscious”, self-indulge, and just do it.

So here I am, ‘just doing it’.

I mean, I guess I do want to use this blog to practice my writing. Because I have this vision ok; to write a book about what people don’t realise, in everyday life.

Sounds fun right? I know.

But you can only gather so many ramblings and rants about the immoral and unjust that you just kind of seem like a manic depressive.

So, I turn to blogging. I feel when I get those random bursts of emotion and passion about what I (and others) believe, sometimes those writing segments come out pretty darn well.

So, if you’ve beared with me this far, or you’ve landed here for some reason, stay tuned. You may find a piece you like/agree with. You may even really disagree and dislike me, then I can show you the way.

I’m really trying not to over think this post, because it’s not very natural to me. So if you’re socially awkard i think you’ll understand me just fine.

So here’s another few things about me before the pieces begin; my names Sarah, I’m currently 22 and working a 9 hour day job in Marketing. I plan to travel pretty soon (another reason a blog was needed). And just to reinforce my point of all this; i feel too much about a lot of things in the world.

But i’m also pretty weird, and kind, so stick around!

Talk soon my chums!



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