Suffagette Movie Should Bring Us Together

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so excited for the Suffragette movie. For many reasons;

1. I’m a feminist
2. So many great actresses to love
3. Most of those women are active feminists
4. (And most importantly) it’s going to be so educational for other women and men.

I don’t believe it’s the key to feminism, but they sure as hell did a lot. And there sure as hell deserves to be something to give them recognition. I say this because I daily battle with other women who are scared to say the word feminism. Who apologise for saying “[i’m] like a feminist, but not”, to which I proudly reply I am. To even the seemingly ‘harmless’ comments of “it’s because we’re girls”.

I even asked my sister to watch the movie so she would understand a little more history about it. To which she replied, “What’s that? A band?”.

But I could go on about the ignorance of people for a long time. Especially when it comes to why we should all be feminists. But, i also understand everyone is not educated to what it means.

But what really grinded my gears today about the upcoming film was this outrage at Meryl Streep and the Pankhurst quote tshirts. Please read this before you read on because I cannot keep reading it.

Basically I am so fed up with this superiority. First and foremost though I’d be burned alive if i didn’t state the obvious: that we are all equal and no one should use slavery lightly. And I am the most open hearted person in the world that I yearn for equality for all, and for image to delete itself.

But, what are people just going to judge a suffragette movie because it was led by white women? If those women didn’t spit-ball the vote and women’s rights, no women wouldn’t have had them either. That’s not to say white people were their saviour. Don’t you think by now everyone damn well knows that they weren’t?

Slavery was despicable¬†and still incomprehensible. As was Nazi Germany, as is the gender gap, and is the worlds issue with homophobia and the entire wars that’s happened!
When are we going to stop fucking criticizing each other? Even if you truly believe Meryl did something wrong you’re going to rip down all white women? Well done, that’s really progressive for the movement of feminism.

You know there’s always this hierarchy. Obama could be the first black man before Hilary could be the first woman president. And I know some of you will argue when will it ever be a chance for a black woman? But that’s not the point. WE ALL feed the segregation with any negativity. We must join together. These people in power are, or shall I say, were, the ones to blame. Women should work together, and we can’t take away the importance of what they have done. Skin colour should not even be discussed because we are all important.

They may have chose the wrong word, but please stop associating it with the colour of skin. Women have been slaves to men. Not at all in the same context, but still in a different way, and its an important thing to be discussed to ensure it never happens again.

And we must remember, it was Pankhurst that said it, not anyone else. So you may disagree with her – but if she didn’t get so angry and proactive then the world would have been very different.

There have been many films about slavery and it’s been widely discussed. Some have portrayed leading, strong black women.

This is the first mainstream film about feminism. That’s not to say black women weren’t involved. It’s to say women. Plural. Were involved.

Just because this one film doesn’t highlight it, we cannot say this snapshot of that movement in history should not be celebrated. We should all celebrate it. And we should not, for the love of god, put other women down. Men already struggle to want to be part of feminism, lets not rip down each other too.

We are all powerful.

As a side note: I do agree completely that black women are severely unrepresented in the film industry. That is another big, and important issue that must be tackled. Men also. But women, even-more-so. But we must work together to tackle the film industry for those, not each other who support the desire to make that change.


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