Save The Pigs: They Know What You’re Doing


I’ve always been a lover of animals, and cared way more for them than most people. Because to me, I know how little they can defend themselves against disgusting humans who use and abuse them for their own selfish desires.

I’ve recently been a vegetarian. And I won’t lie to you – I have had slips, to one point I had a burger king when drunk…but got seriously upset at the realization that the bacon in my burger belonged to a little pig.

I don’t even like bacon, sausages were my biggest downfall.
But veggies and vegans are often hit with the ‘but what about bacon? I couldn’t live without bacon’.

Now, even though ham and sausages are what I miss most – I just cannot get my head around the fact that we eat pigs.

I often felt a hypocrite preaching about how much I love animals and want to protect them. But I had to make that decision to stop fucking eating them. Now that I have done it for quite a while now, I realize what a true hypocrite I was. But, I also now feel like I have the right to criticize those that continue to eat them.

A lot of people have said that you shouldn’t preach about what you eat. And when I first converted I was adamant that I didn’t. I made sure that those eating meat around me didn’t feel uncomfortable because I was the odd one out. But the more I go on, the more I realize how stupid that is.
I understand their mindset because I had it. And I know they will continue to have it, until they stop eating it, and educate themselves on what it means.

Many of my friends and family also love animals. If they saw any farm animal in pain, or helpless, they’d cry, and feel their pain, and want to help. But the two no longer make sense to me, when they choose to also block out the fact they contribute to their pain.
I also know, a lot of people do not feel what I do about animals. I’ve heard some vile and idiotic things from people about animals, and how little they mean. But what these humans do not understand, Is how smart and emotional these animals are.
Or, something much worse; they do realize and thrive in the knowledge and simplicity that they can continue to eat them at their leisure because animals are helpless.
But what really inspired this post was my love for pigs. Hence my mentioning them before.
1. They are the cutest little hairy balls of pink cuteness. Seriously, they oink, and they run, and they play and they are just so beautiful.
2. They are incredibly intelligent. They are JUST AS intelligent as our ancestors, the chimpanzee. They are even smarter than dogs (who we keep as house pets).
3. They feel empathy. They learn from each other how we do (or, how we’re meant to anyway). And they recognize pain of others, and feel the emotions of pain and love themselves.
Therefore something that often makes my heart break these days, is the fear they must go through. How there is an animal so much smarter than probably most people alive right now, and we use them for food and torture.
I’ve been told recently they do not undergo terrible conditions. But of course they do. And I don’t even want to go into detail, because those that are ignorant have not seen a farm, a slaughter house, or even a documentary.
But also, the last thing that really got to me, was this bbc post. Using pig organs for people who need them. And having to breed pigs just to use their DNA and organs, for us to use them instead. Raising an innocent animal with the intention to kill, just so a human can live.
A lot of you will read that last paragraph in disbelief. As in, you will think – but why wouldn’t you do that for a human that needs it if we can? Like a dying child?
I know, if it was my child I’d probably change my mind because it’s a delicate subject. And, obviously the thought of anyone dying from needing an organ is heartbreaking.
But where did this superiority come from? It’s the same superiority that is innate in us because we farm them. Because we can.
Because we can with our big old fancy machines, and our force. Our force of combined strength to trap the animals full of innocence.
Because I also know there’s a few people who do not deserve to live that continue to. Why aren’t we testing on their organs? Because human rights? The ones they violated?
You say you have animal’s rights, yet there’s fuck all because they don’t have a voice. Not any one of us can understand or listen to. But we sure as hell proved they are just as intelligent and loving as us, yet we still don’t give a fuck. They don’t even harm and abuse us, yet we use them first and foremost for our own scientific benefits? We want to breed humans so they can continue to ruin the world?

You think because you cannot hear them crying for help, that they do not need it. That they are ‘just animals’ and we should have them. But just because they look different, and sound different to us, does not make them less than us.
I mean I can barely write the details of what they go through because I’m crying already writing this. And I’m also uncontrollably passionate about it that I would argue anyone who disagrees with me, because I know I’m right on this.

I mean, I’m not saying there’s a hierarchy either – that’s my whole point. So you can’t argue I’m neglecting other animals, because I don’t do that either. It’s just something that recently got to me about pigs.
And if anyone agrees with me, and has managed to read this far of my rant – please can you let me know if you know of any charities, groups, or volunteer work with pigs or piglets, please let me know. I am currently on a vendetta to stop this cruelty.

Just think – if someone was doing that to dogs. Despicable. Therefore it’s not ok to use these poor animals.
And if they are more like us than dogs, then imagine someone doing it to humans.

Please help me to make it stop. And I know it can taste good – but not as good as they are to live and be free. So if anything, please make a conscious effort to stop eating them.
If we all do, there’s no market for it.

Side note: not all humans are bad, and some need saving in instances. But there are different ways (even if my thoughts are unorthodox). But the pigs need saving too, they know what you’re doing.


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