Pray for Paris


Waking up to the news about Paris. It’s inconceivable. But I see so much unity over just wanting to help them. Forget the ignorance of people the media has created, and those that know nothing. But what does matter and should stay prominent is the fact that we all would join together, all over the world to help those suffering. That is what needs to be maximized and put into full affect. There are more of us than there are the mindless and manipulated humans who can do such things.
We can’t trust the news to report why. And we can’t trust the people who did it. But we can trust each other to make this world a better place.
Pray for Paris? Pray for all of us to unite and ensure this doesn’t happen. Don’t take a minute of silence. Get everyone you can and March there. Ask each other to defend who you can. Do not ask your government or your police force. Do not kill innocent people. It is because of them we don’t know why it happened or who it was.
But we do know there is more of us who want peace, and that power will ALWAYS be more strong than any barbaric act.
Show humanity and grace in a time where the world feels it is lost. We cannot accept that it is, and stare at them in awe.
Go help. Volunteer. Send donations. Help the families suffering. And the those injured. Spread the word of peace in every city that we are united. And that nothing will break our knowledge that we KNOW we are the more. We are the majority. And not the government, and not the mindless will do this anymore. We the public feel. We the public love. And WE collectively will make that difference.
The media and the villains will not see panic. They will see strength and love – and none of them will know what to do with it.



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