150 Years of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Today I really wanted to go the panel at The British Library to celebrate 150 years of Alice Adventures in Wonderland.
Despite the fact in going to go the exhibition tomorrow, I had in my head that I needed to go the panel. That I need to see Alice’s great, great granddaughter.
But I don’t.

Not only have I already kind of celebrated one of my favourite literary works already this year in different ways. I brought a wonderful edition of Lewis Carroll collections, with Alice at focal printing. I read the book, and went to Alice Underground, which was a phenomall experience.

But I always yearn for Alice and wonderland. And not because it looks pretty, or cool. But because the book has always spoke to me on so many levels.

Everything that book says, has multitudes of meanings. I could relate entirely to a girl who questioned everything, and everyone around her.
As I grew I fell in love with the madness, because my brain was never ‘normal’ it seemed. I did grow up thinking I had to behave, and be a certain way. But I never saw the reasons as to why. I could relate to her in that transition.

I also love a cup of tea.

I got the gist of the book, and understood how it encouraged you to not be so serious. It wasn’t until I took a Victorians children literature class at university where we studied Alice one week.

I then got to learn and appreciate who Lewis Carroll was, and who Alice was. There are many theories about Lewis Carroll, and his ‘obsession’. And tbh yes, you might want to read into the book through it. But I don’t feel it’s necessary. And trust me, if I felt any inclination and read it back in any vulgar way, the book would have been ruined for me. But i just don’t feel he did that.

There’s love and true passion in his writing that children should be free. In doing so I feel he thinks everyone should be free. The absurdity that we learn things that are pointless to us. And that back then children’s heads were taken up with the wrong kind of nonsense. It is one of few books that promotes children to think for themselves and to be completely individual. And in doing so, creates adults to think freely from a mainstream thread.

The concept of wonderland offers to so many of us the opportunity to see the world differently. To really think about our actions, and not in mind with others, but in how we treat ourselves.

It also offers too many genius one liners. But I will always fall back into loving “we’re all mad here.” Because it could not be more true.

Quite simply we are all Individual, who should be creative and open enough to be exactly who we are. But United in the fact that living and thinking, what an obsecure concept. We’re all entirely mad.

I love that Alice and Carroll’s work still resonates. And I’ll never get to meet him, so I’ll never get to see that other person who just understood how life should be lived. But we can take comfort in the fact that it still lives on, so many years later.

Although I still insist on someone putting in all efforts to throw me a themed party. That is a must.

Happy 150 years to one of the best books in the world. How you’ve helped so many people.


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