We Can Stop The Bombs From Syria Vote

So, everyone’s finally getting up-roared by the decision to bomb Syria? So, does this mean people will finally remove the wool that usually covers their eyes every day by the government?

I can harp on for a long time about how obscene and ludicrous I find it that we still have a government in power. The fact we actually allow these things to happen.

You don’t agree with the vote that took place? Even though the entire public let that happen. You are made to believe you are powerless, but you are not.

There are more of us than there are of them! When will people understand this?

The vote include a total of 620 people… you know there’s millions of us? And 223 of those voted against anyway. You want to let 397 people stipulate what happens to another country?

You also have this one ideology that is deciding what happens to the innocents in their country and in others they attack.

WE ARE the collective. For many years there have been arguments for a revolution.

Yet people are scared of chaos. There doesn’t need to the same structure for people who want to live in peace and fairly.

We live on this world together. We pay money to the government, we actually vote for these people so allow them to have the ‘power’ and ‘law’ over us. Are you for real? It takes innocents dying, and more so now, to enrage you some more?

Be proactive!

Decide. You have to make one decision, to not allow it to happen anymore.

Once we encourage more people to become aware, we can all stand down against it. There is no power once we regain our life decisions. We don’t go to work, and we all demand they lay down their barriers and weapons. They are just people, people with buildings and hiding behind a law enforcement. But the police are part of us to, they can be made aware.

We’ve allowed them to have our weapons. Weapons they don’t even make but have full control over. Do you not find these simple notions ridiculous?

We’re fed a mentality to listen to authority, when those ‘above’ us have too much control of our life. We are slaves in our own lives. Slaves to them and the system. There has to be a revolt and revolution to create an evolution.

I’m not saying that ISIS doesn’t need stopping. Of course they do. But so do the government who are just as guilty now for the innocent deaths that are to come.

As a side note, (because I’ve recently fell in love with author and rapper Akala) as Akala said “We all commit crime, simply by paying tax.”


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