Making a Murderer: Let’s Make it Count


*SPOILER ALERT BIG TIME* – But seriously if you haven’t finished it already, you need to go do that right now. Just stop. Put it all away, call in sick. Go finish it.


Like everyone else I ‘binged’ watched Making a Murderer, watching with my partner starting on Friday (8th) night, and finishing Sunday (10th) evening. Had we both not have had other commitments that weekend, we would have finished it in a day.

Like the rest of the public we were intensely and immediately drawn into the documentary. I myself suggested we watched it after my daily check up on buzzfeed. During the week I saw this article about ‘burning questions’ people had for the two filmmakers.

After starting to read about Avery’s story before even having previously known, I stopped reading halfway through and made the decision I needed to watch this straight away.

I won’t go on about the series in too much detail as I want this outburst to be one for those that have already watched it, so understand my frustrations. But, also to encourage any late comers like myself to get on the bandwagon and start becoming aware.

Now you could argue that in this age something has to be watched on TV for the public to know about it. But, I could not disagree more. If we can reach every generation collectively, through enticing documentaries (such as the beloved and heart-breaking Blackfish), then it needs to be done.

Although they can be disturbing and tough to take, I am a firm believer that the public needs to know how corrupt the government is around them.

So because I can’t formulate all my emotions right now, here are so many conflicting thoughts being had when watching Making a Murderer:

Well his cousin is a sketchy as hell…

Mm maybe Steven is weird, why does he wanna kill his wife?!

He didn’t do it and now DNA fooled you suckers!

Ok now he’s back – short lived.

Dolores I am gonna give you a hug… look at that face

He didn’t do it though so it’s ok!

Maybe they did do it! Brendan looks guilty AF

No family you can’t fall apart now!!

Jodie you’re so great

Fuck sake Jodie, why are you getting arrested again for?! Steven needs you man.

No! They tore about Steven and Jodie 😦


Gonna straight up kill Len, Fassbender and Wiegert, and O’Kelly.

Especially O’Kelly you prick.



Well Brendan’s brother is fucking suspicious.

So is Scott Tadych…THEY DID IT TOGETHER!

It’s ok The Jury can’t seriously be believing this shit.

Look at Stevens poor little face!

Don’t cry 😦

Is Mike Halbach an idiot or….?

I don’t think I can take Brendans trial now too.

Ok, now I need to give Brendan a hug.

They are going to put a 14 year old on the stand?


Aha Kratz is shitting himself.




GO ON BRENDAN! You held it together.

Yeah Kiss The Girl, fuck you he reads.

Ok I can’t watch this Kid go to Prison.

This kid is actually going to prison for something he didn’t do.

Ok now I really can’t stop crying 😥


Go on Barb! Run them all over!

Seriously Mike, I know you lost your sister, but are you for real?

Sandra Stevens Girlfriend? When did they get a chance to meet?!

Aw ok that’s sweet.

Yay Sandra and Steven!

Ok now Brendan is even sweeter after putting on weight.

We love you no matter what size!

Oh shocking Steven has the same judge, fat chance of that retrial happening.

Knew it… Brendan will have a good chance though cos he’s a little puppy!

-_- are you fucking kidding me?!

AW that would be the perfect ending. Avery household in the woods.

Ok now I need to book a flight to America, and become a detective.

Or buy a gun, and go on a threatening rampage.

THEN free Steven and Brendan.

Then revolt against the government.

But first I must tell all social media platforms about it first.


The last one I’m not kidding. Spread the word as much as you possibly can. And if you know people are ‘too sensitive’ to watching it, or just plain won’t bother, then you need to straight up tell them in a nutshell what goes on. And that all those times (I can say for certain) that you told them the government was fucked up, that you’re not crazy. This is proof.

But most importantly, that these two innocent people have suffered for it. So easily they can take their own citizens lives. It feels even more heart-breaking because we have to watch all the manipulation, and we feel the anger with every passing minute.

As Demos said, “people just need to look in their own town. I guarantee it’s no different…There are no systems in place to protect us — if we don’t demand they work the way they’re supposed to, what’s there is not going to do us any good…This journey we’ve taken has changed us, and if everybody had gone on this journey, the system would be better.”


I must admit, I get sort of excited when I see people joining together to reclaim what is right. Even though I myself have not slept at night whilst watching it, and find it all severely disturbing. I want people to watch it so I can say, not just look at what some of us thought to be true! But, to also say, now see that motivation you have to make a difference, let’s do something with it – together.

Within my first tweet after the show someone managed to tell me a petition that I actually can sign – to get a Federal Investigation of the Sheriff’s Offices of Manitowoc County and Calumet County, Wisconsin.

I am still looking into what active things everyone is trying to do to get this sorted. Avery and Dassey cannot be pardoned by the president (shocking) because they are state prisoners, not federal. However, with the show ending on both parties attempting to go to federal court, we can only hope this can happen easily.

All I do hope is that it happens quickly, and that both parties receive huge compensation for what they have been through. The idea of them being loved and safe is nothing to worry about I don’t feel. Once the public have such a high attention on people they cannot be harmed because it would be far too suspicious and risky. Unless America wanted a countrywide civil war on their hands. Just watch Kill The Messenger if you want to see how they really do kill people off when it is not in the public eye.

But sometimes this is what needs to happen. The one big thought I consistently had when watching it, was that I already knew the hype around it. So I kept saying to myself ‘No matter what happens, it’s ok. Because if it’s big now, something will have to be done about it.’

Therefore everything draws me to the two women who decided to film the documentary. Without this, both men would remain there for the rest of their lives. Because despite both men’s efforts to fight still, I have no faith in the system.

But I do have a strong faith in revolution, revolting, and the working class public joining together to argue the system.

What I really don’t want to happen either, is for anyone else to get caught up in a fantasy. There were times you got so engrossed you almost felt it could be a sitcom. One, because it was so shocking that these could be real events. But two, because it was intriguing to watch people try to manipulate. But – I can only speak from my own perspective – because I kept waiting for the answer. For the clever way that the lawyers would get them off. Or for the sudden death of the evil prosecutors (you can see I really root for this alternative). But it never came. Despite how much I really know how government and people in power is what the real problem is with the world and how we live. I still had hope. I still didn’t want to believe that they are so comfortable with ruining anyone’s life, for the sake of protecting their image.

There is so much wrong with the world, and this is just one that has hit hard because it’s the average person. As Avery’s Lawyer pointed out “anyone can say they won’t commit a crime. But good luck if you get accused of a crime” (something to that affect).

I’ve heard people say how scary it is…and I suppose if you are unaware of how corrupt people in ‘power’ are, then yes, it is very scary. But what I don’t want is for it to go on any longer. Everyone talks about a new series happening because it was so interesting to watch. But I would much rather have a quick summary, or no further filming at all, if it’s a quick and easy get out of jail for both of them.

I don’t really want to wait another second whilst they both sit in prison. Especially with this attention! Who knows how that would make their other inmates react to them? Or, even the goddamn police officers and guards themselves.

All I do know is that we can’t let it die down. Unlike Blackfish which took a year to kick off with popularity, this show got on Netflix and just rocketed through word-of-mouth. And had the advantage of American’s already knowing the Steven Avery case.

So if you want to do anything at all, I know it’s hard, but you can already acknowledge that life is this way. And then you can vow that you will not allow it to be any longer.

Spread the word as much as you possibly can, and encourage everyone to know about it. Gather protests, write them letters! Do everything you can.

On a personal side note, I’ve been working on writing this all day. And trying to recollect for my thoughts that happened whilst watching. But it’s real life. And I just started to cry again because they are actually still sitting there in that jail cell. So I can’t keep on anymore.

I hope we all do the right thing and just illuminate these dirt excuses of things that call themselves ‘people’, let alone ‘upstanding’ workers we should ‘look up to’.

The whole entire system is a joke – and the public will be coming for you.

Hold on Steve and Brendan. You’ve got nations behind you now x


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