Stop Judging Steroids: Judge America

So here’s another reason why America and government sucks and manipulates us; that’s what you’re probably thinking. And yeah, I may appear to have a vendetta against them. But I also think it’s vitally important for anyone that is aware of what is happening, to let others know about it.

Yesterday my boyfriend sent me this article from T-Nation to read about steroids. If you read that article you won’t really need to read what I have to say. Because, if you have sense of knowledge and acceptance of things you may have misunderstood, automatically you will just understand that you have been lied to about something else.

If you don’t want to delve into it (even though I highly recommend that you do), it basically explains that there is no scientific evidence to prove that using steroids will seriously harm you. In fact, even after reading it I decided to stop taking vitamin C everyday just because that made me more paranoid.

What my boyfriend then recommended that I watch the documentary Bigger Faster Stronger, by Christopher Bell. I won’t lie either, I am someone who I feel attuned to the real underlying issues in the world. I almost thrive to know what is really going on so I do not subject myself to it. But like a few things I am finding lately, I have come to realise there is still a lot I am ignorant about.

Because I took what I thought was scientifically proven about steroids, and believed the magnification that the media has put on it. So just through stereotyping and the grapevine, I believed steroids are bad. That you turn into a meathead. That muscles are gross and anyone that uses it is a cheater.

But as John Romano correctly puts it in the documentary:

“What happens is that these idiots that give us the news, these talking heads that babble on T.V. give us this rhetoric that comes from not one single expert. And they say ridiculous things like steroids will kill you, they’ll rot your kidneys, they’ll give you cancer, they’ll do all these horrible things that are just not true.”

The narrator and director of the documentary Chris is a great guy to have made it. He himself believed all that is told to us, so then questions everyone involved as we do. Not only does it reveal how American congress dismissed advice that steroids do not need to be made illegal or banned, they have also put people into prison for possession.

I may appreciate all of this because it is another thing that should fuel us to stop having the wool put over our eyes. But quite seriously it made me quite depressed. That may be because of the numerous things other people in the world do to manipulate and destroy, but also because I end up not seeing a way out.

You watch these men. Men they put in ‘power’ who have the ‘right’ to make these decisions. But we gave them this right. And we done so blindly.

What I find the most interesting argument is that the long term effects of steroids have not even been tested because the government didn’t allow there to be a chance.

I do wonder if there will be a time when these old, ignorant and arrogant men will die out and be replaced with new thinkers. People like ourselves who are aware of the real issues. Who understand that there needs to be reasonable people, who clearly just don’t want there to be hurt anymore. There’s a point in the documentary where the Bells’ brothers’ dad just talks about when will everyone realise they just need to love each other.

Because another level that the film goes into is the issues with body image. Talking about steroids not being that harmful when in controlled measures is one thing. And that should be looked at immediately, because it’s not as harmful as most every day drugs and vitamins we already use. So it’s basically a joke that it’s illegal. And yet steroids are warned against using them, instead of promoting how to use it in a healthy way, if you should need or want to use it.

But the body image is just an affect associated to steroids. Just like those people that suffer from migraines rely on pain killers. Yes, they could get addicted to them. But look at anyone; I turn to alcohol when I’ve had a bad week. Just to loosen up and make it feel a bit better. Am I an addict? Am in danger because I rely on that substance as a temporary release?

I don’t think I am. I drink in moderation, etc. But my liver won’t recover from it, no matter how less I drink now, or never again. Yet everything that is taken from steroids can be reversed.

So imagine, that small percentage who may become addicts because of body image, should they not be supported instead of shamed?

If you’re an alcoholic there’s rehab and AA, and an understanding because its familiar. Alcohol is even advertised on TV and promoted to buy. And, should an addict get help, maybe then that notion in your mind of wanting it becomes erased. You then think that you do not need alcohol to feel better (or whatever the reason may be).

But it still takes someone to become an addict in the first place to get to that mind-set. You have to ruin yourself and your body first before help becomes available or thought about.

That mind-set is not even an option for people who may get addicted to using steroids. Or combining them with other drugs. For many reasons that are listed in the article and in the documentary. But also because body image is one of the biggest sellers. It’s one of our weakest points as a human being of any gender to question ourselves. And they’ve got us so concerned with how we look on the outside that they don’t want us using our brains to realise what’s really happening and what’s really important.

Consumerism and materialism are the governments biggest sellers, because they make us sheep. They make us distracted, and to let our money flow right back into their hands. To make us feel inferior and unimportant. To compete against each other instead of them.

You could then argue why would they not hype up steroids then? So gym lovers would spend money on it and go mad about who can be the most ripped.

But that’s been answered. Simply because America wanted to be seen as the best.

And sport is used as a way to show who is the winner of countries. To the point that *spoiler alert* they even let an American sportsman use steroids to eventually beat someone because they just weren’t strong enough.

The idea of strength and leaders ruin the world, not just in western countries. It trickles into war, and gender gaps, and being the biggest, fastest and strongest of them all.

I won’t go on, because I already feel I have. So I just urge you to watch and read. And if anything, just be aware so at the very least, you stop judging the wrong people.

And as they are trying to explain, steroids aren’t the problem, America is.


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