Trump’s Sexism Becomes Hilary’s Fault


I haven’t wrote anything in a while and I do apologize for that. I started this blog because I’m very passionate, about a lot of things, and there’s not always somewhere to put all of those feelings/thoughts.

I didn’t intend for people to care what I had to say either. But when I speak to people in general about society and my views, a lot of people agree. Or, they just tell me to be vocal about it because they ‘never thought about it that way’.

Regardless of my reasonings for a blog, I start this post with acknowledging my lack of writing because I intended to not do a lot of it when travelling.

I’m nearly two months into my Southeast Asia trip and I thought If I did write at all it would be about the beauty of life and all the culture. Don’t get me wrong, my eyes have been opened and I’ve experienced a lot. However, I just haven’t felt the need to sit and write about any of it yet.

And I don’t know if it’s sad that what has distracted me (and created the fire of passion) to write again, is politics.
Because I know it’s not real life, not really. I get passionate about people realizing the corruption in politics so we can move away from it eventually. However I am intrigued by the next president for many reasons; we could see the first woman ever to be president, the next president will be elected when I’m out here, and the very real understanding that if Donald Trump wins, there will be world war three.

This terrifies me as I know it does many, many others. And to be honest, part of me was basing my return home on the news. Because if that man is elected, I don’t want to be the neighboring country. I want to hide out on an island and ignorantly not have to deal with any of it.

So what drew my attention today was that I finally watched the first debate. As I said, I’m not usually one for believing anything any politician has to say. And I never watch anything he says because I don’t want to give him any more attention, or views. But I do have a place in my heart for Hilary.

A lot of people may think because I’m a feminist I therefore will support Hilary Clinton. However, this is far from true. I question everything. I am severely upset that my own country has Theresea May as their Prime Minister. Gender does not define a person and that is the most prominent message of feminism.

Did it excite me that a woman may be a president though? Yes. It did. But because she was a strong and intellectual woman. Everything she stands for, I agree with. And so if she can get it done, then more power to her.

When the ‘scandal’ came out that she was using her personal email, I honestly got really worried. I don’t want history to be marked by the first female president being a corrupt figure. But she’s not, as far as I can see.

The debate proved that Trump still has no idea what he’s talking about. Even when he was on the smallest precipice of saying something that he could have took somewhere important, he couldn’t do so. And instead acted like a spoiled child who tried to attack Hilary to devoid from the fact he didn’t have any answers.
But the debate also scared me because the audience that was warned to be silent, cheered three times for Trump.

He either had a lot of his family there or there really is a lot of likeminded individuals. And you know what, that doesn’t surprise me anymore. I often get slurred or joked at that I ‘don’t like people’. But the thing is I don’t like or trust a lot of people because a lot of people aren’t evolving. They are turning Inwards to their simple minded media fed ‘fear’ and ignorance. They are so closed off that they hear his chants and they so blindly laugh and follow and believe. And it happens everywhere. The people live through their politically own (and run) media hubs and take it for gospel. People are not being educated.

And I don’t seclude all people to this. For instance, the younger generation in Britain voted to remain in the EU. They are connected and more tuned into finding out the truth that they are the most accepting of sexuality, race and gender generation that we have seen.

But there is still a huge group of people who do not apply to that. Proven by the fact that the current polls run at 72% democrat to 68% republican.
That is not a huge divide. That is very, very minuscule.

So, again, whilst I looked at those statistics in shock for a moment I soon swallowed it and realized well yeah. It’s the same fear I had about Brexit. I thought for sure it wouldn’t happen and it did. I fear the day November 8th comes around and I read Donald Trump is our next president.

And then yet. What really, really, really fucking aggravated me to not stop thinking about this was what coincidentally has followed on about him in real time.

Whilst I had just finished catching up for preparation of tomorrow’s debate, the world went nuts bizarre again on a level I cannot stand. Trump tapes starts trending as he ‘apologizes’ for groping a woman’s vagina. Except he didn’t even explicitly say that. He just said he hopes to be better and he will be better. Not only does he not even think about apologizing for the act – but instead for the way he boasted about that act. Each individual act being a disgusting form of assault, each both shameful and inexcusable.

My Twitter feed lit up with the right responses. Woman and men alike acknowledging his sexism and concern of his presidential running.

But not only was the reason for the video being slammed, he then committed sexist act number 3: ending his video by bringing up Bill Clintons abuse on women and including Hilary. Stating that she ‘bullied and attacked’ the victims also. And how he would bring it up in the next debate.

Now I’m sure his heartfelt apology was planned just in time for tomorrow’s debate. To join in on the comradire show that his campaign even is. To add to the jokes and make it a gossip factor and another thing to neglect and deflect from the sexist and disgusting acts he had done himself, and throw Hilary into it.

And even though I follow likeminded people and I know that a lot of people think how I do. When it comes to this stuff a lot more people are in the majority to weigh in and judge women.

It’s moments like these that rile me and come to mind when people say to me “women don’t have it harder”. Yes. They. Really. F**cking. Do.

Women are not defined by the man they are with.

Hilary is not her husband.

Not only did Trump hit the trifecta with that third low blow of showing the world he believes Hilary’s husbands actions are her actions. But you then get everyone else proclaiming she’s not a steady candidate because she’s still with him.

When did a woman’s choice of ANYTHING become of an importance to being PRESIDENT?!

You had even some of the victims say that she has no strong presidential or female ground to stand on because she didn’t stop her husband from cheating on her. Or better yet, because she didn’t stop him from sexually assaulting women?

So let me get this right: women are also not only subject to sexual harrassment and face the oh-so-ever famous statement of “what where you wearing?” But the same women who were subject to it, themselves are turning on other women proclaiming they should have stopped it?


It wasn’t just the women though. It was other men of course. Even men I know who I thought knew better. To think because she stayed with a man who cheated on her, this makes her unfit for presidency.

How can some of us begin to recognise that we shouldn’t be asking Hilary about her clothing or her hair cut anymore, but we still think it’s ok to use her personal relationship choices as open to discussion?

Donald Trump cheats on his wife for his entire life. That’s not topic of discussion? Why? Because it’s not relevant!

Hilary’s marriage history is not relevant to her candidacy.
And what makes me more mad, is that THAT gets more light and attention then all of the sexist actions Trump did. Which goes to show it works.

The public believe and play to his deflections of his own actions, and are ready to look into Hilary’s personal life instead.

The only way any of this made sense to me was those claiming it was because she denied his cheating and then each time it came out that he had.

Are we shocked that someone who was cheated on remained in denial? Loving someone is very different to running a country. Bill Clintons affairs and the affect it had on his marriage did not affect his presidency. But that’s not talked about is it? In fact it was never even questioned.

And then the fact that she said something bad about one of the women he slept with. No shit, really? You mean she didn’t have anything nice to say about the woman who slept with her husband? 🙄 And not only that but that she didn’t want to believe her husband had cheated on her? She trusted the person she was with first?

I don’t know if you’ve ever been cheated on, but if you have you’ll know it’s a serious question of doubt and faith with yourself and your partner. Hilary chose to stand by him. Wether that was from love or for the good of the country, she stayed.

Other accusations had flown by but only because other stories had been successful. And when has that not happened to get more money out of people?

Regardless of her personal choices they remain irrelevant to her presidency and her abilities. They didn’t affect her abilities in trade deals then either. So 30 years after the fact, I think she’s good.

As someone so rightly put today “Donald trumps asks you to forgive him for the man he was 10 years ago. But please, judge Hilary by her husbands actions 20 years ago”.

Trump was a 59 year old man when he did what he did. Not too young and innocent to not know it was wrong. Not only that, but this is sadly one more girl and assault on top of many things he has committed and said.

How Hilary herself is in the mist of being blamed for the actions of either of these men astounds me.

And even though he will continue to bring it up in the debate tomorrow I just really hope likeminded individuals will know not to listen.

Because what also scares me is that hashtag isn’t even trending anymore. Instead it’s #billclintonsarapist

I just, I want so much for humanity to respect women as individuals. And just fucking stop it. For real. It’s so tired. Stop judging them and associating their worth, by the man standing next to them.


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