Not Michelle, Not Bernie, It Should Be Hillary.

Not 2020, but yesterday.


It’s hard to think of what to say. Especially when most of it has been said. But I take comfort in the fact that my reaction to the news yesterday wasn’t an “overreaction”. That we continue to remain united in our humanity, in a time where we feel there is none.

“The thing to remember is, if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too.”

So aside from the obvious heartbreak I feel, for women especially, but LGBT rights, immigrants, people of color, people with disabilities, refugees and planet earth, there’s something I do want to say in my corner of the earth.

In a time when it would be SO easy to remain silent and retreat, and it feels like a physical pain to fight the energy to keep moving normally, please embrace the pain.

I don’t want anyone in their right mind to forget the pain. It’s all well and good to speak our angry reactions and cry our hearts out, but it is not ok to let it die down. To skip forward to this time next week where we’re back at work saying “oh it’s a shame.” Skip forward 3 months when Obama hands over and we say “I can’t believe we let that happen.” And be reminded a year from now on Facebook and Timehop our statuses and tweets, and say “I remember that day. I cried so much.”

We take all the unfairness they give us and we shout at them ten times louder. He is one man. One man with too much money and a handful of crazy friends.

But we – we are the whole world.

Do not be silenced and do not lose your amunition to say no. To say you won’t stand for it and it’s not happening. They cannot do anything if the rest of the world does not want them to. It’s OUR planet. Not theirs. The people in ‘power’. We don’t really believe they get to call the shots and we just sit idly by do we? With the attitude of “well, there’s nothing we can do though.”

Really? You’re going to continue to take it lying down?

You’re going to let your entire time on earth be dictated for you?

We only live once. In a small spectrum. But that is not a reason to do nothing and just hope you survive it. That’s fuel to fight for it because you’re already here so why the hell wouldn’t you? You have nothing to lose.

Because it already feels like it’s been taken from you. All your rights and your safety.
It’s not ok that you feel that way because they have the ‘power’.

Go get it back.

There is power in numbers. And we are stronger together.
Ps. Please stop saying Michelle for 2020 even if she is a perfect specimen. And please stop saying Bernie would have won, and Bernie 2020.

It should have been Hillary and it should have been yesterday.

Not because she’s a woman. Not because we didn’t want Trump.

Because she is the most qualified person in the world to ever want to be President and it was denied to her. For false allegations and fixed voting.

And if you continue to disagree with that I do not want you to tut at me and throw a blind eye. You would and will know it if you look into every single piece of data like I did. Including the false and pathetic media reports.

And you also would watch Hypernormalisation. And it will show you how America and the U.K. lies to us, every day. And how that man is where he is today.

Hillary deserved office. And the world deserved Hillary.


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