Gilmore Girls: Four Words, Correct Ending


So I started writing my first reaction to Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, immediately after I finished watching all four in a row the day of release.

After letting it settle for a day and seeing others reactions my thoughts on the ending became a whole lot clearer.
And my writing of it hopefully has become much less erratic.

Warning: there will be spoilers ahead so if you haven’t finished pleased do not read on.

I had a lot of emotions. Like too many. I spewed a couple at my boyfriend who has never seen an episode in his life, and I’ve never really spoke about the significance the show had on me…so I didn’t feel like there’s was any release system for me. I somehow felt genuinely overwhelmed by it.

And although we all connect with characters it may not seem so strange me saying that, but it felt strange to me. I even dreamed about it all night, like Lorelai dreams!

I know I’m not the only one who feels that they may see themselves in characters, or the show, but for me this show is that. So I did feel personally odd when it had the ending it did. Or even, the affairs that it did too.

So like Rory, writing is my release.

I know I’m not the only one who needed to see that revival. I know I’m also not the only one who watched it all day and I’m certainly not the only one who can resonate and connect with it. So if you happen to read this – hey fellow Gilmore’s; I’m more content for it too.

Except here’s my predicament, as previously stated I felt overwhelmed. Because although I felt content and connection, I also felt uncomfortable.

I personally didn’t feel that comfortable with the fact Rory had a boyfriend who seemed lovely (cared for her, Lorelai and Luke) and it was a running joke she kept forgetting to dump him. Alongside the fact she participated in an affair with Logan and it was somehow romanticized when they had to say goodbye because she realized she didn’t need a man to rescue her? Because to me I thought she learned that in the end of season 7.

However I don’t want to give it too many negative thoughts because I think it was pretty shitty that all fans seemed to care about was who she ended up with.

Of course part of my feminist ways and the strength of Gilmore Girls would supposedly mean she ended up alone by choice – or with someone that actually respected her.

To be honest there was also times when I thought Luke had shown no growth either. He still shut down Lorelai. Even when she had her epiphany he still had to interrupt her. Eventually however it turned into him adimitting his wrong doings, explaining their relationship growth and ultimately all can be forgiven in the end.

I just felt that even though they still set it 8 years ahead in time that Amy picked it up right where they left off. Like the characters hadn’t evolved at all. And I think that’s fair to be honest. She created the show and didn’t get to end those characters how she wanted them to end.

The only real shame is that of course it’s probably not even the ending she dreamed of back then either. The real world and the real lives of the actors meant that the story had to change.

Sookie couldn’t be around. A lot of it was focused on Richards death. And who knows what would have been different.

But I understand it had to change and I think in spite of all the things I was unsure of, the story was obviously told how they believe those characters would be right now.

I think it was so right for it to end with Rory’s announcement. I can see how it would have worked back then too.

Part of me thought, well, surely Lorelai wouldn’t have wanted that for her. To be a single mum without a steady father she’s happy with.

Because I feel like it had to evolve at some point. Lorelai did from Emily, and Rory did from Lorelai. Despite how everyone says it’s all about just mother and daughter, because Emily got her recognition finally. She was broken apart from the two of them when Lorelai left at 16 and she never really got to get over that.

A Year In The Life didn’t seem enough. There could have been more depth. More ways Emily could have worked through it. Where they just find it.

I guess because it left me complacent. I felt so happy and right with it and then the only spanner really – was the look on Lorelai’s face. She looked…devastated.

I could be wrong. And I’m sure there will be many-a-fan-theory for the next coming weeks and months. And I tell you, Netflix will probably offer something more.

But I don’t know if it needs more. I don’t know if I want Amy to be JK Rowling and to keep going at these characters. I don’t know if I want to see Rory pregnant with Logans (or a Wookiee’s) illegitimate child.

And I don’t know if I want to see Emily heartbroken again because Rory didn’t bother to tell her she’s writing a book. She can tell her first boyfriend who she bumps into at the market for 5 minutes, but not her grieving grandmother who is going to be seriously hurt and affected by it.

None of that means I think it ended wrong either. Even though it sounds like I’m unhappy with it, but I’m not!

I really think it had to be that way. They are Gilmore Girls. And they came full circle.

And I loved and appreciated the whole way it had a dig at how society and culture has evolved. So I just don’t think giving in and making more money and air time is what it needs. Of course, I would watch it. But what I mean to say is I don’t think that was Amy’s plan. I don’t think she intended to shock everyone just to get more shows out of it. She planned that years ago and that would have made sense then so it should make sense now.

Plus; she’s not 16. She’s 32. She’s got people all around her with money if she needed it and a direction of where and what she wants to do with her life. Her real passion too not one she just stumbled upon.

And I just think it would be really sad for it to continue just so people find out who the father is. Or who she ends up with. The whole point is she can do it on her own because her mother can. And she learned from the best. She’s literally working through what her mother went through in a much worse situation.

And to focus so much energy away from the power and independence that it means to be a Gilmore Girl would be disrespectful.

The closest someone came to describing it for me was actually this article.

Except for the last bit. The way it demeans the correct ending choice and why Amy done it. I would hope she shows that it’s not a horror to be pregnant. Or to devote time to being a mother. We view ambitious women as those that take what men have always had and have a full career. We even view ‘strong women’ as those that have a full career and a baby. And yet why is ‘just a mother’ viewed as a downgrade? Yes Rory worked hard and it may not be the ending she wanted. But that’s why the only thing that really bothers me is Lorelai’s reaction. As if she’s upset? I know she won’t jump for joy at that exact moment but I just would like to think that the real arc and overcoming is that life is a blessing. Therefore, new life, even more so.

Because what I would like to see is that Emily and Lorelai aren’t disappointed. They are happy for Rory because they’ve learned their lesson to stop living through her. And Rory can both create her book and be the mother she intends to be. Not necessarily alone either – because if we’ve learned anything, there’s no getting in between Lorelai and Rory.

And there is certainly nothing wrong with Rory being with a guy who loves her. Or better yet, being with a guy that loves her who isn’t the father of her baby. Because single mums rule and step dads rule. There should be no shaming on these characters because by doing so we do the same thing to women and men who choose a different path.

Plus, on a analytical level*, the whole year was themed around children. The surrogacy, Paris’ kids and their relationship, Lanes kids, Michelle and Fredericks adoption, Emily even teaching kids and letting kids she doesn’t even know live in her home.

And finally also how the adults felt about their careers and relationships surrounding their children. That’s what the show has always been about. And with those four words, that’s what the show remains.
*Side points:
1. 4 chapters/seasons and 4 words is pretty smart.
2. It made a joke at brexit which although can be funny It’s almost a shame it didn’t film and air after the election. I feel Trump digs would have been much appreciated from the girls.
3. I love how it involved references to Woody Allen, Buffy, Alice in Wonderland and there was a pet pig. If you know me at all, that is basically me summed up.


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