Loving Pigs Destroyed by Local Housing


I’ve wrote about this issue before and well, my blog doesn’t get a lot of attention, but I continue to write when it upsets me. Or there’s something I’m passionate about.

I just don’t think people genuinely understand how intelligent pigs are. The most cited (and most infuriating) saying as a vegetarian you will hear is “oh but what about bacon”.

I was never a bacon lover to be honest. And I’m the first to admit though I did love sausages.

But this isn’t a post about becoming a vegetarian or a vegan. It’s a pleading post to just at least acknowledge how incredibly painful it is that pigs are harmed. And I’m not just talking about the farming of pigs for food, I mean domestic pigs.

I had the pleasure a year ago to attend a pig farm in Beaconsfield called Kew Little Pigs. The farm is run by a mother and daughter who have a genuine love for pigs as the animals they are. No animals were bred for food, nor sold for it. Instead mother Olivia gave lessons and courses on how to properly raise a pig as a pet. A lot of people took on Micro pigs at one time and they didn’t realize the work behind owning a pig as a pet. Both mother and daughter would teach owners how to properly look after them.

This farm was full of love and happiness. I had the pleasure of laying with the pigs, stroking and cuddling the pigs. They absolutely love to be loved.

From my own personal experience of when I once heard that pigs were being raised to be killed for their organs so they could be used in humans during transplants. I thought, they are bred and killed enough? Why must we use them for our own bodies? Is that even ethical?

After I delved into days of research I found the reason pigs were so commonly used for transplants is because they are so closely linked to our anatomy.
However it didn’t stop there. I also found out that pigs are the closest link to humans in every way. They are the most intelligent animal, double the times more than dogs whom we keep as pets. And their brain and emotions are that of a human.

They remember everything. They feel love and pain. They learn, they communicate and the only difference to us (aside from the obvious cute appearance) is they don’t talk like us. They don’t have a voice.
It’s been covered up and not broadcasted how humane they are because they are mass bred all over the world for meat.

But I just found that heartbreaking. These wonderful animals are so intelligent that they know exactly what is happening to them. They feel all the pain of what happens to them as they are killed, stuffed together and breaking at their legs. And yet we let it happen because they aren’t speaking to us. Although, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a pig squeal, but the sound is deafening.

The reason I have to mention this is not to stop you from eating them. But to maybe make you think about those pigs that got to be pets. They got to be loved and have a nice home.

Sadly, Kew Little Pigs were given a 3 month eviction notice because the council decided they want to build housing on the land. Because apparently humans can continue to ruin pigs lives in every way.

They were given no help, no financial compensation. And now, the balliff has come and have changed their locks. They aren’t even allowed to see their own animals and comfort them. The pigs left to wonder what is happening and where all the love has gone.

And now they have 14 days to somehow move all the animals or the pigs are going to be sold by the Bailiff for their own gain. I think we all know that means they will be sold for slaughter, or put onto a breeding farm.

Pigs before that were set to be put into loving homes will now be killed probably. And worse, they will feel all the pain. They know exactly what is happening. They will be wondering why their home has gone.
And what if the adults are sold straight away? Piglets will be without their parents and thrown straight into the harshest of environments.

What did they do to deserve it? Of course, I think that about them anyway being a vegetarian. But this breaks my heart in another way. In a way I cannot comprehend. They are defenceless. And it enrages me that there is no humanity or compassion towards these loving animals.

They did nothing to deserve it. And Kew Little Pigs only had a happy life in mind for them. But the council and Latimer Church would rather make money off housing than even try and save a life.

So far Kew Little Pigs has a petition, please, please sign it.

But also please do what you can. Share it on social media, buy a pig even if you want to help home one! Or do you know anyone with land that could help?
Anything anyone could do.

These animals don’t deserve it. They never did and they never will.



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