Not Biased, Not Looking For an Argument, Just Saying What Matters


I try hard ok to not get involved in politics. If you took one look at my social media, or even knew me well, you’d think that wasn’t true. But I do, I try.

That doesn’t mean I abstain from it though. Because time and time again something happens and I have always learnt and been told you must speak up. By ‘speak up’, I don’t mind shout at people or tell them how wrong they are (even though I do sometimes do this too). But I’ve learned over the past few months since we’ve had political mayhem in the west that I have to remain calm.

At first I just didn’t participate full stop. Brexit happened, Trump happened, people happened.
I took a good couple of months with my head in the sand and it was so refreshing and calming.

And then by time the inauguration came around and little stories and incidents that occurred crept into my sights it became harder to ignore. I then started reading a book I long gave up on called The Establishment. If you’re unclear of how the system works in England this is the best book I could recommend. And this book just gave me anger, depression and…clarity. I finally knew my own country and how I was extremely lied to. I remembered why I kept my voice open, because it matters. It matters that I know not to participate in certain events or admire certain systems when they disrespect me. And that anger – that anger is important to channel into compassion for each other, to help each other out and talk openly about what is going on and what we can do to change it.

There is a clear sense of anger and questioning that is burning now. It started to loom, but I think Donald Trump becoming president has actually done a lot of good (bear with me before you kill me) because more people are now paying attention.

Not just Americans either. The British public are challenging their Prime Minister, France revolted and denied a Nazi president – and we are starting to be more empathetic and care about what these people are doing to third world countries.

I could write about this for a long time but to be honest it is tricky because so many people cannot communicate openly or consider something that is different to what they have always been told. Since I’ve researched and found out what is really going on, like a lot of people, I have had family tell me it’s ‘just my opinion’ and that its all conspiracies theories. Because people do not like change. They do not like hardship. They do not like being wrong.

One thing that bothers me when elections come around is that yes, I have my feelings about who I want (or say should) vote for but people that aren’t willing to see straight and who are not open to discussion.

I actually had someone close to me say that we needed conservatives and Theresa because “we need to be strong enough to stand up to countries if we go into war”. Whilst I do not want to get angry at anyone I do want them to have an open mind. We do not live in that world anymore. The Government and Parliament and whoever else that claims to have “power” might want to, but we have the real power to challenge that. We cannot be so patriotic and dominant that we ignore people. Each other. Caring!

We are so afraid of other countries when the people in “power” are minuscule in comparison to the rest of us! We are the majority. We say how we live. And do you know why it is actually important? Because whilst we may not be able to rip down our establishments in the next year, we can have a say in that we support one that doesn’t look towards hurting our fellow people.

Do you really want to be a person who still judges black from white? Male from female? Do you really want to live in a world that supports that?

I know most of you will say no. So I know that means you would support everyone living in peace as opposed to this righteous disregard of humanity.

You think a vote doesn’t matter but it really does.

And if you are put off because you think there’s no choice, France tells you different.

If you are put off because you think manifestos are a lie, look at the NHS. Look at your Human Rights Act. Look at the free education you was so lucky to have.
I saw a story right now that inspired to me to write this because people were opposing voting for Labour because they want to scrape tuition fees and they are mad because they will still have to repay their debt on student loans.

That makes no sense if we think about it realistically right? We are lucky enough to have further levels of education. It’s not our fault that the banks have ruined our money in the same sense that it’s not Labours fault we had to pay in the first place.

Not to mention that do you not think about what that would mean for your children’s future? For our whole economies future and progress if everyone could go to University for free?

When Tuition fees rose it was because it was commissioned by the conservatives and they were the reason the recession started, who then paid the papers to blame Labour so they could come into power. And are they not the ones who just got away with not having to pay for their advertising costs scandal?

I know it seems like I am trying to persuade you to vote Labour, and I’m not. I’m just asking you to keep an open mind.

It is not about who appears stronger because there is no such thing. It is about saying what is right and true. Maybe Labour’s policies wouldn’t matter – but doesn’t it matter more that the intention behind them is good rather than evil?

You complain that you aren’t supported as the working class, but they are the party for the working class. That is how they were born.

And don’t get me wrong. I would vote for Green usually. And lately I have supported The Women’s Equality Party who are yet to have seats but do hold all my values. That is where my voting loyalties lie.

But I will vote Labour this election because I know that the media, or people like me, will not change the public’s minds from the two major parties in a months’ time.

One thing I will say is just be careful. Most papers are owned by Americans and Right-wing politicians, so if you think you’re reading bad things about Labour and good about Conservatives, that is your reason. Unbiased news is the best and right thing to pay attention to.

And I know a lot of people discuss the NHS. The thing is, a lot of our Primary Care is already privatized. But after just seeing whats happening in America does it not scare you? Realistically think about it. When someone in your family gets sick, or you get sick, and you need an operation can you imagine how much that will cost you if our Secondary care also goes private?

We are so lucky to still have a system where we do not have to pay for our hospital services. We do have bad debt, lack of jobs and high house prices. But do you really think a party who wants to increase all of that is worth your quality of life because what? Because you’re scared of leaving the EU?

Just please think smart. Really, really use your head.

I would also recommend reading this post if you someone who is unsure and who isn’t usually inclined to vote.

I really am not trying to persuade you because I am a Labour lover because i’m not. I am just trying voice it because it matters and our lives matter.


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