Not Biased, Not Looking For an Argument, Just Saying What Matters

I try hard ok to not get involved in politics. If you took one look at my social media, or even knew me well, you’d think that wasn’t true. But I do, I try. That doesn’t mean I abstain from … Continue reading

Stop Judging Steroids: Judge America

So here’s another reason why America and government sucks and manipulates us; that’s what you’re probably thinking. And yeah, I may appear to have a vendetta against them. But I also think it’s vitally important for anyone that is aware … Continue reading

Making a Murderer: Let’s Make it Count

*SPOILER ALERT BIG TIME* – But seriously if you haven’t finished it already, you need to go do that right now. Just stop. Put it all away, call in sick. Go finish it.   Like everyone else I ‘binged’ watched … Continue reading