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You Die When The Government Says You Can Die

Assisted Dying Pledge has been denied since MP’s voting on it 20 years later. I do not approve of the BBC but I do advise you read this before reading on.

It is articles like this one that baffle me that we still have a government. Or, at least, that we have a government like ours. How is something so spectacularly individual, and personal, down to a decision made to MP’s?

People can take their life without these drugs. But through a more painful, and struggling manner. Now this is an extremely delicate subject because no one wants to appear pro-suicide. No one wants the responsibility of troubled people taking their own life, ‘easily’.

However I want to clearly state this is not my argument. This situation is merely an example of my point, that the government has too much power.

In many ways I will explore this in future posts to come, for there is a lot to be said (and a lot has already been said). If we look logically at this one example; those individuals have fought about this ‘the right way’. By this I mean, despite clearly being angered by the government, they have protested, made proposals, waited for 20 years…and have been rejected once more.

Not to mention, their proposal clearly states that each and EVERY ONE case would still have to be approved by the High Court, even if assisted dying was legalised. Therefore, no one would be able to go ahead with what they are asking for, even when it’s made legal. We could argue this also, but at least this would allow patients to not abuse the system. It would eradicate any chance of those the court, or anyone else, deems ‘able to save’.

I’m still not favouring a side here. I have my opinions, but I will also be open and honest to the fact that I myself have not researched this thoroughly. I have read some articles, but I have not followed their fight. However, I have been highly conscious to the fact that we live in a manipulated system.

This is another case, to add to the very long list, that the government is not listening. Meaning that the two problems we face are, one; They are not caring, or making any leeway to even adjusting their close minds.

And, Two; We still live in a society where we feel powerless.

I mean, does that not enrage you? This case is just like many others. In the respect that this is about people’s lives. That it would be illegal for someone suffering a horrendous illness, with no outcome but a painful death, to rest their life easily.

By dismissing this pledge, they are basically stating they stand by patients remaining in pain, and dying in an undignified way.

It is not someone elses choice how you live your life. It is not down to a room full of power, money-fed MP’s how you live you life. And it is certainly not down to them to choose the pain you must suffer.

This case is important because it is very literal in that those fighting this cause will still have to feel pain, and see those they love in pain. But, if you have not thought about it before, I ask you to please open your eyes to that this happens all the time. They will not legalise cannabis either, despite 200,000 people petitioning. The government shut it down and would not even allow a debate. Is that public speaking? Is that freedom of speech? Even though that move would have created 10,000 more jobs, and saved money on health and policies. Why would they do that?

Because drugs are bad? A drug that could also be monitored, and prescribed only to those that truly are in pain? A drug softer than alcohol.

They prefer to ingrain that drugs are bad, and make money off of it instead. The government earns more, and could put more people away by it staying illegal.

The same reason they would never delegalize alcohol, even though it causes more harm. Because they make mass amounts of revenue off people killing their livers. You can put away a drug addict, but is it illegal to be an alcoholic?

They want to keep their stigmas, and their power. Just like how they want to keep their drugs that can end peoples suffering, because they would lose money if they didn’t.

I’ve heard through the grapevine from a pharmacist how they even have a cure for diabetes. But would they let this known? Of course not. Because it brings millions of money into pharmaceuticals. However, that’s just another issue. If the MPs are that intelligent, who knows?

But the Assisted dying bill, furthermore, highlights how an issue is decided by MP’s. Not by a room full of people who have been following the matter and are fully educated and qualified to make that decision.

Reason number million that a revolution needs to be had. We have the knowledge, we understand the flaws in the system. And it’s completely insane to me that we let it go on. They are a group, we are the collective.

But do not mistake me. Do not fight ignorance with rage. We’ve done angry through our injustice. And we’ve done political, through our dismissals. Let’s take our knowledge, and let’s just bring peace to the people. Do not be silent, just be aware. They can fight anger. They can’t fight peaceful consciousness